SO.GE.L.M.A. has developed its activities in the national and international field, reclaiming large amount of territory from explosive remnants of war with the identification and recovery of: aircraft bombs of 250-500-1000-2000 pounds, landmines, bombs and grenades, projectiles of Artillery, deposits of underground explosives etc. These works were carried out in civil construction sites, for the construction of numerous public works, railway, road, port and maritime infrastructures.
In recent years we have carried out important reclamation works on behalf of public and private entities, both on land (former industrial areas) and on seabed (jetties, sea-line, dredging areas, the Danube and Sava rivers).
The company has invested considerable financial resources and in skilled personnel for execution and design of interventions for the reclamation of mines in the territories affected by the Gulf War, in Bosnia, Serbia and in Lebanon. In these specific operations the company has been competitive in the international market for the application of the best technologies available for the localization and land reclamation of the latest generation of war devices. This has resulted in an adequate and special logistic and support activity for the technical staff, for the maintenance of the equipment and for the execution of the work.
In order to develop modern innovative technologies and maintain adequate competitiveness in the market the company has participated in international congresses and meetings, in Stuttgart, Kuwait City, Sarajevo, Rome, Lebanon etc.
We can summarize the Company’s activities as follows:

• Technical Survey
• Drawing up comprehensive maps of land and water soil investigation
• Computerized Land and Water scanning to locate UXO
• Logistic planning to support soil investigation, both in human resources and equipment.
• Explosive Ordnance Clearance
• Removal and/or destruction of all mine and ERW hazards
• Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Training
• Personnel training for unskilled workers
• Organization of work sites, of operative self-sufficient mobile camps.
• Mapping minefields
• Quality Assurance

Electronic research equipment
I. Foerster Ferex magnetometer 4021-4032
II. Foerster marine magnetometer 4021 – 4032
III. Foerster Ferex DLG Datalogger
V. Marine metal detector, Elsec Littlemore Mod. 2000
VI. Marine metal detector, XL5OO Pulse
VII. Metal Detector Foerster - Minex
VIII. Metal Detector CEIA MIL-D1
IX. Remote Programmer CEIA
X. Marine Cesium Magnetometer G-881
XI. Marine Cesium Magnetometer G-882
XII. Cesium Magnetometer G858
XIII. G-882 Transverse horizontal gradiometer frame
XIV. Multibeam Side Scan Sonar Reson SeaBat 8125
XV. Sub Bottom profiler Innomar Type
XVI. Gyrocompass and motion sensor

Worksite Equipment and vehicles
XVII. Dragline Escavator
XVIII. Drill and mobile perforation equipment with side scan sonar system
XIX. Mechanical mine clearing equipment
XX. Trucks
XXI. Vans
XXII. Ambulances
XXIII. Mobile offices
XXIV. Mobile work shops
XXV. Pontoon
XXVI. Motor boat
XXVII. Motor dinghies
XXVIII. Non-magnetic professional equipment for divers
XXIX. Hyperbaric Chamber
XXX. Underwater telephone systems
XXXI. Topographic equipment . Total station mod. Pentax PTSV, with PSION Work About data – GPS satellite link
XXXII. GPS side scan sonar system
XXXIII. Side scan sonar
XXXIV. HDV Camera – Sony for diving activities

Software and other equipment
XXXV. GPS with differential correction
XXXVI. Rugged Tablet PC’s
XXXVII. Navigation software HYpackMax – PDS 2000
XXXVIII. Maglog lite cesium magnetometer/gradiometer data logging and display software
XXXIX. Autocad
XL. Radar System
XLI. Rugged marine waterproof tablet PC
XLII. Notebooks
XLIII. 3D Maps rendering according to client specification

  • A.B.B. Mozambique
  • Agip Milan
  • Airports Authority Florence, Rome, Milan, Bergamo, Lamezia
  • Terme
  • Anas (Italian National Road Authority) Florence, Rome, Milan
  • Astaldi Turin
  • Autostrade Spa (Italian Motorways Company) Rome, Florence, Milan, Genoa, Turin
  • Enel (Italian Electricity Board) Milan, Udine, Florence, Rome
  • Eni Milan
  • Fiat Engineering Turin, Milan, Florence
  • Italferr (Railways Agency) Bologna, Rome, Naples
  • Italian Ministry Of Defence Rome
  • Italian Ministry Of Finance Turin, Bergamo
  • Italian National Railways Rome, Milan, Venice, Bologna, Florence
  • Italian North Railways Milan
  • Italstrade Rome
  • Local Governments Tuscany, Lombardy, Veneto, Piedmont,
  • Emilia Romagna, Lazio,
  • Milan Underground Milan
  • Ministero Dei Lavori Pubblici Parma, Rovigo, Florence
  • Ministero Della Marina Genoa, Rome, Venice, Trieste
  • Ministry For Spatial Planning And Environment Bosnia And Herzegovina
  • Ministry Of Defence Kuwait
  • Ministry Of Defence Libya
  • N.D.O. (National Demining Office) Lebanon
  • Montedison Milan
  • Port Authorities Genoa, Venice, Leghorn
  • REPUBLIC OF SERBIA – EEC Delegation Serbia
  • Snam Milan
  • Tav (High Speed Train) Rome, Bologna
  • Telecom Italia (Italian Telephone Company) Florence, Ancona, Bologna,
  • WITTEEVEN + BOS – E.A.R. European Agency for Reconstruction Serbia
  • Turin 2006 (Winter Olympic Games) Turin
  • Coopsette Soc. Cooperativa (BO) several worksites in Italy
  • S.A.T. Società Aeroporto Toscano S.p.A. Pisa

License issued by Italian M.o.D. as qualified Company for Land UXO Clearance

  • Classification: VII: Working capacity over € 4 Million to unlimited amount

License issued by Italian M.o.D. as qualified Company for Water UXO Clearance

  • Classification III: Survey and diving up to 40m depth

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System

  • CSQ certificate n. 9165.SOGL

ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System

  • CSQ certificate n. 9191.SOG3

ISO 45001:2018 Management System

  • CSQ H&S certificate n. 9192.SOG4

S.O.A. N° 41704/10/00

  • OG 10 class III-bis
  • OG 11 class IV-bis

POR-CREO FESR 2014-2020